Wednesday, 21 September 2011

ootd - is it cool for boys to do this???

Right, my shirt / trousers / belt are all from Next.....and
the hoover is from Dyson.

Watch was a very cool gift from MissBB (Thank You)

And finally my shoes are from Red Herring from


Monday, 5 September 2011


You all probably know Ella already, she's quite the youtube star and budding personality. Anyhoo back to the main reason of my post.......step parenting!. Firstly i can tell you it's not easy and to be honest i didn't ever expect it to be. One of the reasons is what role do you actually play in your step childs life? how are you supposed to discipline or lay ground rules for a child who already has a mum and dad to do that?. And also in our situation the impending arrival of baby Zach and will that affect our group dynamic...? Firstly what role..this is tricky as Ella has her parents already and has equal time with both so my role is more one of her friend but always encourge her to be doing the right things, and kinda take a back seat if im honest as there is already a parenting team in place. I know this is going to be so much more difficult when the baby comes and i'll be responsible for him...i'm hoping its a smooth transition!eek. Fortunately we have been really lucky so far and Ella is a generally well behaved kid who's very intelligent and we get on well and have a good relationship, infact she often gets up early to watch UFC on weekends while we leave mummy to have a lie in!lol. I'm no expert on step parenting by any means but in conclusion, it can sometimes be hard but more than worth it..


Ella Explains The Miracle Of Conception

too funny!

Work, work, work

Ok so just to let you all know im currently on 'garden leave' which unfortunately is the result of my last company closing our regional office. I wont tell you what my job was as its far too dull and complicated, anyhoo it was my first official day of garden leave today and instead of relaxing or laying in knowing im currently getting paid for nothing, i was up at the crack of dawn for an interview for a new and more lucrative job offer. I have a further 3 interviews lined up this week also, i know it may sound sad but i enjoy work, i enjoy doing a good job. My question is would you cut garden leave short to start a new job and earn a potential extra wage one month or take the full month off to relax as its paid anyway???


Sunday, 4 September 2011

What's In A Name?

I discovered once I'd started this blog that I had less to say on the subject of babies than I thought...
It also penned me in so I wasn't able to blog about topics that I actually did have something to say about. With this in mind I have changed the name of my blog to "Life According To Lee" Given the few followers I have right now I figure it will have little to no impact on people missing my posts.. hopefully it doesn't cause any disruption for those of you that do read. You can expect more frequent posts now that my horizons have been broadened,