Sunday, 7 August 2011

It's a BOY?

After our initial shock that we were having a baby boy ( i was convinced we were having a girl ) but I'm happy we're having a little dude! the only tough part at the moment is a name which is a whole other story, a couple of current contenders include Alexander ( Alex, Lex, Xander ), Dylan, Lucas and Max but these change daily. I think we'll know when we see him what his name should be....I like Kash, or Chase also but these may be a little out there!..  Another thing that's cool about having a boy is the clothes. Initially I was drawn more to baby girl stuff but there are some really funky suits for baby boys and I get to dress it like a little mini-me too. All in all we have waited a long time to meet him so he will be much appreciated when he finally arrives.


  1. So sweet! How awesome is that striped sleeper??!! and I actually really like the name Kash! It's a name you don't hear alot. Congrats to You and Khilas' new addition :)

  2. He loves that name.. don't encourage him lol.. surely we can't call a kid Kash/Cash??