Sunday, 7 August 2011

Vegas Baby

As most of you guys already know Khila and I have booked to go to Las Vegas next March which is when we are going to get married!!... and to be honest i can hardly wait!! :) We're going to be there for a week and are staying at the Signature at The MGM Grand which looks amazing. it's just going to be us two so no big ceremony or worrying about pleasing other people, we're doing it just for us. After hours of research (by Khila) we have found what we think is the perfect one for us, The Chapel Of The Bells It looks really cool (classic vegas tacky) outside and really nice inside. Now it's all booked i just cant wait for us to go! it's going to be awesome!...getting married to the most amazing lady.. and in LasVegas as we have planned all along. I'm a VERY lucky guy!!! When we make more plans I will blog more about it. We have a general idea of outfits etc but with Vegas pretty much anything goes so there's such cope for everything. If you have any suggestions or any tips that might be helpful please leave me a comment!

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