Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fighting Fashion

Ok so with the impending arrival of little Zachary we've been looking at tons and tons of boy clothes which I've got to be honest some of them are pretty awesome! here is just a little snapshot of what we have come across..
I think everyone can agree baby grows are cute but this little baby sleeping bag thingy is soo cool;

Pretty cool right?...and finally just cost I'm a huge UFC freak....
The last one is quite fitting as Khila said he's constantly practicing his kicks!lol

All in all everyone is really excited to dress him up already, Ella has already put herself forward to be in charge of dressing the baby and playing with him she's nominated mummy to help in this task with the additional task of cuddling him. I however have been nominated for nappy changing and sick duty...yikes!
The time is literally flying by and he'll be here before we know it!...and we can't wait!


  1. Good luck with the Nappy Changing !!

  2. Omg I LOVE the first vest, so funny. Aww good luck with nappy and sick duty x