Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fighting Fashion

Ok so with the impending arrival of little Zachary we've been looking at tons and tons of boy clothes which I've got to be honest some of them are pretty awesome! here is just a little snapshot of what we have come across..
I think everyone can agree baby grows are cute but this little baby sleeping bag thingy is soo cool;

Pretty cool right?...and finally just cost I'm a huge UFC freak....
The last one is quite fitting as Khila said he's constantly practicing his kicks!lol

All in all everyone is really excited to dress him up already, Ella has already put herself forward to be in charge of dressing the baby and playing with him she's nominated mummy to help in this task with the additional task of cuddling him. I however have been nominated for nappy changing and sick duty...yikes!
The time is literally flying by and he'll be here before we know it!...and we can't wait!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Lame Baby Name?

Firstly i would like to say a big hello to my new followers!...hello! This week and probably every week since we found out we were having a boy we've been stressing about names. Its such a big responsibility, he's going to have to live with it for the rest of his life so we have to get it right...no pressure! :o
You name it we've probably considered it as a name, some we agreed on and some not so much..kash and chase for example which i think are really cool but khila didnt share my enthusiasm! Probably for the best as we live in england not LA! One name we were stuck on for a while was Dylan which we all liked....except Ella!aaarghh!. Another problem choosing a baby name..keeping everyone happy! Anyhoo enough rambling,we've pretty much settled on Zachary Lee Michael which we like and no doubt loads of people will hate but hey ho thats life!.....thoughts?

PS. You can now tweet me @babydaddyblog
(I am so down with the kids)

Bye for now

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Vegas Baby

As most of you guys already know Khila and I have booked to go to Las Vegas next March which is when we are going to get married!!... and to be honest i can hardly wait!! :) We're going to be there for a week and are staying at the Signature at The MGM Grand which looks amazing. it's just going to be us two so no big ceremony or worrying about pleasing other people, we're doing it just for us. After hours of research (by Khila) we have found what we think is the perfect one for us, The Chapel Of The Bells It looks really cool (classic vegas tacky) outside and really nice inside. Now it's all booked i just cant wait for us to go! it's going to be awesome!...getting married to the most amazing lady.. and in LasVegas as we have planned all along. I'm a VERY lucky guy!!! When we make more plans I will blog more about it. We have a general idea of outfits etc but with Vegas pretty much anything goes so there's such cope for everything. If you have any suggestions or any tips that might be helpful please leave me a comment!

It's a BOY?

After our initial shock that we were having a baby boy ( i was convinced we were having a girl ) but I'm happy we're having a little dude! the only tough part at the moment is a name which is a whole other story, a couple of current contenders include Alexander ( Alex, Lex, Xander ), Dylan, Lucas and Max but these change daily. I think we'll know when we see him what his name should be....I like Kash, or Chase also but these may be a little out there!..  Another thing that's cool about having a boy is the clothes. Initially I was drawn more to baby girl stuff but there are some really funky suits for baby boys and I get to dress it like a little mini-me too. All in all we have waited a long time to meet him so he will be much appreciated when he finally arrives.

Our Scan

Incase you haven't already seen this on Khila's blog or youtube channel here's the video we got of our 12 week scan. It's probably the only pre-birth preview we'll get on tape now so I thought I'd share it with you.


My First Blog

Please forgive the quality of my first post...I'm really un-prepared!! Anyhoo my name is Lee, you may know me as MissBudgetBeauty's fiance (this was all her idea btw...thanks mbb). So for anyone who is interested I will occassionally be blogging here about various things but predominantly my impending fatherhood! (whoop whoop) and my experiences throughout the process, along with another interest of mine UFC!!!.

bye for now